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Previous surgery protocol that we follow.
Previo a la cirugia

Prior to Surgery

Previous surgery protocol that we follow.

I usually ask for a preoperative study, a set of complementary clinical examinations or diagnostic tests that help to know the patient`s general condition.

Actually there are multiple publications showing it is would not be necessary in people with no medical history below 40 years old. However, the usual thing is to have a complete overview of all patients.

Through a comprehensive clinical examination, blood tests, a study of clotting, an electrocardiogram and a chest radiograph, we can rule out other associated illness that could have negative influence on the operation or recuperation.

It is also important to determine history of previous reactions to local anesthetics and nutritional status of the patient.

Care must be taken in hypertensive patients with cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism, carcinoid tumors and all those who take anti-flu and nutritional supplements with some similar to ephedrine products.

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