Tomás Darío Zapata

(Breast surgery)

Breasts are the symbol of femininity and a common resource both in the arts and literature. Current concepts of beauty related to the size and shape of them create suffering and confusion in patients.

Tomás Darío Zapata

Aspects such as age, breastfeeding, weight loss or illnesses such as breast cancer alter the size and shape of the breast, requiring surgery to fix it. Cosmetic breast surgery helps many women feel more comfortable and self-confident.

Breast augmentation:

To increase the volume of the breast is the desire of many women today. However, care must be taken before undergoing this procedure and duly consult the surgeon. This surgery is the target of many different iatrogenias by non-specialists. There are many different prostheses in form and substance. Our recommendation is to always use the best quality, which statistically have less rejection and those that most resemble a natural breast.

Breast reduction:

Breast hypertrophy is not only an aesthetic problem, but can also cause serious health problems. Remove the excess tissue and leave the right size and shape requires great experience and skills from the surgeon.

Breast ptosis or mastopexy:

When the size is not the problem, but the breast has fallen for various reasons such as maternity, remodeling technique in which the tissues retakes properly shape.



Ptosis mamaria:

Increased breast volume in males causes great concern and even psychological problems in the patient. Excess tissue is reduced with liposuction. If necessary, mammary gland is removed by making a small incision around the areola to be imperceptible.

Can I choose the size of the prosthesis?

Yes, although we try to keep proportions and measures that are appropriate for each patient, such as the contour of the chest or height, which are very important when deciding on the appropriate size. Moreover, it should be avoided, if posible, exaggerated sizes that can be a detriment to the patient.

Will people notice at first glance that I wear prosthesis?

Today, the texture of the prosthesis is very similar to the mammary gland, a natural result depends on the technique and surgical skill and physical characteristics of the breast before surgery.

Will I have the same sensitivity in the chest after surgery?

Temporarily, in the immediate post-operative, sensitivity it is lost which will be recovering gradually. Very large breasts have more problems when trying to regain sensitivity if they have been reduced.

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You can call us at
91 555 92 25 or +34 620 940 540