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Rhytidectomy / Cervico-facial Lifting
(Facial rejuvenation)

The facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical plastic surgery antiaging technique where best results are obtained.The facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical plastic surgery antiaging technique where best results are obtained.


The recommended age for a cervicofacial facelift depends on the signs of elasticity, therefore, once the patient has had a prior consultation, he or she will proceed with the surgery or alternatives will be recommended.

Within the most obvious manifestations of aging, facial wrinkles have deserved more attention from plastic surgery. The passing of time leaves its mark on the face and neck, leading to sagging, grooves and loss of tone.

Age, personal or hereditary predisposition, stress, prolonged sun exposure, depression, inadequate dietary habits or alcohol and tobacco consumption, among other things, entail a number of changes in the skin and muscles that sometimes appear simultaneously. In addition to this, there is a gradual absorption of fat from the face decreasing the thickness and elasticity of the skin and adhesion to alterations in the subcutaneous tissues with the consequence of the gradual fall of the soft tissues. The result, often, is a mismatch between chronological age and facial appearance.


The lifting or facial rejuvenation is an operation that eliminates these problems, repositioning muscles, skin and facial fat, in order to obtain a natural and log-lasting result.

Currently there are new techniques and resources to improve this kind of surgery. In order to treat it properly it is necessary to understand the multiplicity of its forms.

The operation is always done in the operating room under local anesthesia and sedation. The patient remains in the clinic the first night, being able to leave the hospital the next day. In just over two weeks he will be able to rejoin his daily routine.

Face Lift and Surgery: Concerns

Types of lifting:

Forehead lifting:

Complete fronthead stretching and elimination of frown lines.

Temporal lifting:

Sides fronthead stretching in order to raise the latter part of the eyebrows.

Lifting cervicofacial:

Lifting and neck and face raising till the temporal area. It does not include the forehead lifting.

Pre-operative period indications

  • Preoperative examination will be adapted to the age and illnesses of the patient according to the anesthetist and surgeon. If the illness requires it, we will consult an internist doctor.
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol three days before surgery.
  • Avoid any weight loss, including diuretics.
  • Avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing medications. Ask your surgeon for further information about any medications you usually take.
  • Avoid smoking and sun exposure.

Postoperative considerations

  • Rest and cold application in the early hours.
  • Follow the instructions of your surgeon for the movements in the earlier days.
  • Ask your surgeon what kind of painkillers you can take and how often.
  • Cures and stitches withdrawal will be made in the doctor office with the surgeon.
  • Healthy eating. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
  • Check personal hygiene times and special considerations with the surgeon.
  • Check if you can make a treatment of lymphatic drainage of the area to avoid haematoma. They are not always positive, depending on the patient and the evolution of surgery.
  • Do not worry about immediate results. We must bear in mind the different stages of post-operative time.
When is the right time to decide to have this kind of intervention? To get a good result, it is essential to have a good indication. For example: you might have sagging skin. The more flab more change occurs later. Can I lose my features? Only those who exceeds too many interventions risks losing his features: A facelift simply removes sagging skin and an obvious rejuvenation, so your factions will not be affected.

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You can call us at
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